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Faculty Experts on Campaign Strategy

Georgetown faculty can comment on the 2012 presidential campaign.

To arrange interviews with these or other experts, please contact the Office of Communications.

Faculty Experts Include:

Kurt Carlson

Kurt Carlson, associate professor of marketing, is an expert in consumer behavior. For the 2012 election, Carlson will be studying how voters favor candidates through “leader-focused search” – a concept from his recent paper on consumers’ search for specific kinds of information that reveals their preferences. Similar to his study conducted in 2008, Carlson will use this theory to help predict the outcome of ‘undecided’ labeled voters in 2012.

Prof. Kimberly Meltzer

Kimberly Meltzer, assistant professor in the Communications, Culture & Technology Program, can discuss journalism and politics, political communication, news coverage of elections and candidate endorsements.

Prof. Diana Owen

Diana Owen, associate professor in the Communications, Culture & Technology Program, is an expert on American politics, media and politics, political communication, elections and voting behavior, social media, and mass political behavior.

Christine Porath

Christine Porath, assistant professor of management, is an organizational behavior expert who studies civility in the workplace. Co-author of the book The Cost of Bad Behavior, Porath’s research can apply to campaigning offices, ad agencies and the interaction with voters in the 2012 election. Porath can also discuss social media and how the behavior of both candidates and those associated to them affects the results at the polls.

Michele Swers

Michele Swers, associate professor of government, is able to discuss Congress, congressional politics and the dynamic relationship between the president and Congress. She has previously provided expertise to media outlets including The News Hour, CQ Weekly and numerous national and state newspapers.

Stephen Wayne

Stephen Wayne, professor of government, is an expert on the American presidency. He can discuss presidential history, leadership qualities of American presidents and many related issues.

Prof. Clyde Wilcox

Clyde Wilcox, professor of government, is an expert on cultural politics and American and comparative politics, including: religion and politics, gender politics, public opinion and electoral behavior, and campaign finance.



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