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Journals Edited by Georgetown Faculty

Our faculty members serve as editors for a variety of peer reviewed journals in their fields of scholarship.


  • Anderson, Jeffrey. Director of the BMW Center for German and European Studies and Graf Goltz Professor of Government. Editor, German Politics and Society.
  • Doak, Kevin. Nippon Foundation Chair of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Co-editor, Journal of Japanese Studies.
  • Donoghue, Maria. Associate professor of biology. Co-editor-in-chief, Frontiers in Neurogenesis.
  • Kazin, Michael. Professor of history. Co-Editor, Dissent; board of editors, American Historical Review; editorial board, World Affairs; contributing editor, Labor.
  • Mann, Janet. Professor of biology and psychology. Editor, Animal Behaviour.
  • Mujica, Barbara. Professor of Spanish. Editor-in-Chief Comedia Performance.
  • Olesko, Kathryn. Associate professor of history at the BMW Center for German and European Studies. Editor, OSIRIS.
  • Richardson, Henry. Professor of philosophy. Editor, Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy.
  • Sonbol, Amira, Professor of history, School of Foreign Service – Qatar. Editor-in-chief of HAWWA: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World.
  • Veatch, Robert. Professor of medical ethics. Editor, Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

 Associate Editors

  • Byrnes, Heidi. Professor of German. Associate editor, Modern Language Journal.
  • Francomano, Emily. Director of comparative literature program and associate professor, department of Spanish and Portuguese. Associate editor, La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.
  • Langenbacher, Eric. Visiting assistant professor of government. Managing editor, German Politics and Society.
  • Langlois, Catherine. Associate professor of economics at the McDonough School of Business. Associate editor, Conflict Management and Peace Science.
  • Lieber, Keir. Associate professor of government at the School of Foreign Service. Associate editor, Security Studies.
  • Moghaddam, Fathali. Professor of psychology. Associate editor, Psychology and Culture.
  • Rappaport, Joanne. Professor of anthropology. Editor, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies.
  • Roshwald, Aviel. Professor and chair of history. Associate editor, Nationalities Papers; editorial board of Ethnopolitics.
  • Santoro, Miléna. Associate professor of French; Associate editor, American Review of Canadian Studies; editorial board member, Quebec Studies.
  • Vreeland, James. Associate professor of international relations at the School of Foreign Service. Associate editor, The Review of International Organizations.
  • Wimp, Gina. Assistant professor of biology. Associate editor, Environmental Entomology.

Editorial Boards

  • Babich, Volodymyr. Assistant professor at the McDonough School of Business. Associate editor, Management Science.
  • Benedetti, Laura. Professor and Chair Laura and Gaetano De Sole Professor in Contemporary Italian Culture. Editorial board, SYMPOSIUM: A Quarterly Journal In Modern Literatures.
  • Calvert, Sandra. Professor of psychology and director of the Children's Digital Media Center. Editorial board, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology; editorial board, Journal of Children, Adolescents and the Media; editorial board, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.
  • Games, Alison. Professor of history. Editorial board, Journal of American History.
  • Haddad, Yvonne. Professor of the history of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Editorial board, Contemporary Islam; editorial board, HAWWA: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World; advisory board, Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations; advisory board, Middle East Policy Journal; editorial board, International Journal of Middle East Studies.
  • Jackson, Maurice. Associate professor of history. Editorial board, The Journal of American History.
  • Langer, Erick. Director of the Center for Latin American Studies and associate professor of history. Editorial board, Andes: Antropología é Historia.
  • Manning, Chandra. Associate professor of history. Board of Editors, Civil War History.
  • McNeill, John. University Professor of history. Editorial board, Global Environment; Editorial board, Environmental History; Editorial board, Environment and History; Editorial board, Historia Agraria (Spain).
  • Miceli, Marcia. Professor of management at the McDonough School of Business. Editorial board, Organization Science; editorial board, Business Ethics Quarterly.
  • Neale, Joseph. Paduano Distinguished Professor of Biology and director of the Hughes Scholars Program. Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry (as of July 2011).
  • Rauschecker, Josef. Professor of physiology and biophysics. Editorial board, Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience; Editorial Board, Audiology and Neurootology; Associate editor, Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience.
  • Sand, Jordan. Chair and associate professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Associate editor, Japan of the Journal of Asian Studies.
  • Shedel, James. Associate professor of history. Editorial board, Austrian History Yearbook.
  • Singer, Steven. Chair and associate professor of biology. Editorial board, World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology; editorial board, The Open Parasitology Journal.


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