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  • Pathology, Department of

    Pathology is taught throughout the second year. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basic principles and mechanisms of tissue and body reactions to injury and the morphological expression of these reactions. In addition to attending lectures, students regularly meet with instructors in laboratories and participate in clinical-pathological correlation conferences. During the preclinical years, the department offers a variety of electives in subjects such as molecular pathology, immunopathology, autopsy, and neuropathology.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building Visit the: Website
  • Peace and Security Studies, Center for

    The Center for Peace and Security Studies (CPASS), within Georgetown's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, is dedicated to examining the full range of political, economic, historical, cultural and technological factors that influence global peace and security. The center brings together the academic and policy worlds through its Security Studies Program, Women In International Security, policy discussions and research.

    Location: Mortara Building Phone: (202) 687.5679 Visit the: Website
  • Pediatrics, Department of

    The Department of Pediatrics' research programs address complex, time-distributed interactions among genetic, biological, behavioral and environmental influences on pre- and post-natal development. We conduct basic, translational, clinical, community and policy research. This allows for the evaluation of clinical treatments and community interventions. The department also fosters interdisciplinary research training as well as policy development and analysis.

    Location: Pasquerilla Health Care Center, 2 Phone: (202) 444.8882 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Performing Arts, Department of

    Georgetown’s Department of the Performing Arts (DPA) brings together the College’s degree programs in American Musical Culture with the Music Program and Theater and Performance Studies with dozens of performing groups in all aspects of the performing arts (music, theater, dance and film). We administer a wide range of activities—from teaching critical and creative courses to scheduling the use of practice rooms and mentoring participation in student organizations. DPA also sponsors the professional Friday Music concert series in McNeir Hall and hosts a full season of Theater in the state-of-the-art Davis Performing Arts Center.

    Location: Davis Performing Arts Center, 108 Phone: (202) 687.3838 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Pharmacology, Department of

    The Department of Pharmacology is located in the Medical Center Campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Our department offers both Ph.D. and M.S. degree programs to students desiring comprehensive and rigorous training in the field of pharmacology. The course work and laboratory rotations are typically completed in the first year of the Program. By the end of this period, a thesis mentor and an area of thesis research are identified.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building Phone: (202) 687.7007 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Philosophy, Department of

    The Department of Philosophy is a vibrant community full of intellectual energy across an unusually broad range of philosophical traditions, from analytic to continental, topical to historical. The department offers both Ph.D. and M.A. programs.

    Location: New North, 215 Phone: (202) 687.7487 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of

    The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conducts clerkships for both third- and fourth-year medical students that take place at the National Rehabilitation Hospital and its outpatient clinics. A two-week clinical clerkship during the student's third year exposes clerks to the field as it is practiced in the private attending's office and rehabilitation hospital wards. One week of outpatient experience presents material of practical use to any physician who will regularly be called upon to deal with musculoskeletal problems. The second week offers an experience in cardiac and stroke inpatient rehabilitation facility.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building Phone: (202) 687.3922 Visit the: Website
  • Physics, Department of

    The Department of Physics offers both B.S. and A.B. degrees as well as a minor in physics. Our undergraduate majors often go on to top graduate schools in physics, applied physics, materials science and engineering. Since quantitative skills and an ability to analyze and solve difficult problems are prized in a wide variety of fields, our majors are well-prepared for many different types of positions in the private and public sectors.

    Location: Reiss Science Building, 506 Phone: (202) 687.5984 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Physiology and Biophysics, Department of

    The Department of Physiology and Biophysics provides a full range of research training experiences and graduate courses, including masters of science and PhD. degrees, and participates in the M.D./Ph.D. and multi-disciplinary programs within the Medical Center. Active research programs in basic and applied biomedical sciences emphasize the cellular and molecular basis of function, in the context of understanding the integrative mechanisms of physiological processes. The programs are conducted by a vigorous and productive faculty in well-equipped, state-of-the-art facilities.

    Location: Basic Science Building Visit the: Website
  • Political Database of the Americas

    The Political Database of the Americas (PDBA) is a nongovernmental project of the Center for Latin American Studies in collaboration with institutions such as the Secretariat for Political Affairs of the Organization of American States and FLACSO-Chile and the support of other organizations and entities in the region. Through its website, the PDBA offers centralized and systematized information about institutions and political processes, national constitutions, branches of government, elections, political constitutional studies and other subjects related to the strengthening of democracy in the region.

    Location: ICC, 301 Phone: 202-687.0146 Visit the: Website
  • Population and Health, Center for

    The Center for Population and Health was established at Georgetown in 1999. The Center has five primary goals – to strengthen and encourage research among faculty and students who do population-related work; to foster interdisciplinary collaboration on campus; to create a sustainable "demographic presence" at Georgetown for training both undergraduate and graduate students; to promote activities that offer service and contribute to the well-being of the Washington, D.C., community; and to position Georgetown as a leader in the demographic professional community.

    Location: Healy Hall, 312 Phone: (202) 687.2736 Visit the: Website
  • Portuguese Program

    Students in the Portuguese Program complete coursework in language, literature, linguistics and civilization.Students begin at an appropriate level based on the placement examination given upon entrance. Most Portuguese majors begin their study with Advanced Portuguese while students with less preparation take Intensive Basic Portuguese. Students who are in Basic Portuguese must take two additional semester courses in Portuguese to complete their major.

    Location: ICC, 403 Phone: (202) 687.6134 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Preaching the Just Word Program

    Preaching the Just Word (PJW) is a national program to assist priests and other ministers of the Gospel to be more effective in preaching Biblical and social justice, through cultivating the spiritual lives of those who preach. The original PJW format is a five-day retreat, based on themes from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Modifications and adaptations of this schedule are easily arranged, according to the needs of each retreat's participants.

    Location: Ryan Hall Phone: (202) 687.3532 Visit the: Website Browse: Programs
  • Pre-Medical Studies Program

    The Pre-Medical Studies Program is for any undergraduate student at Georgetown. Pre-medical students major in any of the degree programs offered by Georgetown College, the School of Nursing & Health Studies, the School of Business and the School of Foreign Service. Georgetown encourages these students to engage in studies that fuel their intellectual interests as well as pursue their pre-medical coursework and extracurricular activities.

    Location: White-Gravenor, 108 Phone: (202) 687.4853 Visit the: Website
  • Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

    The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding was founded in 1993 by an agreement of the Foundation pour L'Entente entre Chretiens et Musulmans, Geneva and Georgetown to build a stronger bridge of understanding between the Muslim world and the West and between Islam and Christianity. The center's mission is to improve relations and enhance understanding of Muslims in the West.

    Location: ICC, 260 Phone: (202) 687.8375 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Programs
  • Psychiatry Department

    The teaching program of the Department of Psychiatry has been carefully designed to present students with the biological, psychological, interpersona, and social concepts of the discipline. This is accomplished with a curriculum that covers four years of medical school instruction. The sequence of didactic material and experiential exposures provides the student with a knowledge base, skills and appropriate attitudes and values that can be brought to any postgraduate specialty choice or career in medicine.

    Location: 2115 Wisconsin Avenue, NW,Suite 200 Phone: (202) 944.5400 Visit the: Website
  • Psychiatry, Research Division

    The major scholarly and research interests of the Department of Psychiatry include the consequences of exposure to trauma and their treatment, including domestic violence and terrorism, adolescent substance abuse, mental health services for low-income women, psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder and depression, and detection and treatment of mental disorders in primary care settings. Presently, the department has more than $1.3 million in grant funding, which includes 17 active grants.

  • Psychology, Department of

    Department is home to a diverse and collaborative community of scholars who conduct research in psychology, neuroscience, and public policy, and who teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. Research by Faculty in the Department of Psychology—from basic science investigations of behavior and brain function to applications for public policy—is directed at Georgetown University’s goal of creating and communicating knowledge in the service of the common good.

    Our Undergraduate Program offers a Major and a Minor in Psychology and provides a variety of opportunities for scholarship and extracurricular enrichment, including the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology, a research-focused Honors Program, and research assistantships and volunteer opportunities in Faculty labs.

    Our Graduate Program offers a five-year program of study in developmental science leading to a Ph.D. in Psychology, with concentrations in Human Development and Public Policy and Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience. We also offer a dual degree combining a Ph.D. in Psychology and a Master of Public Policy degree in collaboration with the Georgetown Public Policy Institute. 

    Location: White-Gravenor, 306 Phone: (202) 687.4042 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty 
  • Public & Nonprofit Leadership, Center for

    The Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership at Georgetown is a leading education, research and training center dedicated to the development of public, nonprofit and philanthropic leadership. The center provides advanced education in public policy, public and nonprofit management, and advocacy and philanthropy, with domestic and international applications. Our multi-sectoral approach, public policy orientation, and research focus on effective practices ensure the breadth and relevance of the educational experiences we offer.

    Location: Old North, Suite 400 F Phone: (202) 687.5541 Visit the: Website Browse: Programs
  • Public Interest Law Scholars Program

    The Law Center's Public Interest Law Scholars Program is designed for law students who want to dedicate most or all of their careers to public service. The program provides financial scholarships, enriched educational opportunities, career counseling and summer employment stipends to students committed to practice law in the public interest.

    Location: Law Center Phone: (202) 662-9000 Visit the: Website
  • Public Law, Harrison Institute for

    The Harrison Institute for Public Law, one of 11 different institutes or clinical programs at the Law Center, provides legal services that strengthen political and economic democracy. Since 1972, the institute's clinical program has represented citizen coalitions, housing cooperatives, community development corporations, government agencies, state and local legislatures and nonprofit organizations.

    Location: 111 F Street, NW, Suite 102 Phone: (202) 662.9600 Visit the: Website
  • Public Policy, McCourt School of

    The Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy is a top-ranked graduate school located at the center of the policy world in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to give our students the rigorous quantitative and analytic skills needed to design, implement and evaluate smart policies and to conduct policy research and recommend effective solutions on today’s most critical topics.

    Location: Old North, 100 Phone: (202) 687.5932 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Research
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communications Program

    The Public Relations and Corporate Communications Program focuses on communication's positive role by preparing students to deliver messages strategically and responsibly and leads to the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree. Students learn to think strategically, gain a global perspective on communications and public relations, develop clear and concise writing skills and become leaders in the digital world.

    LOCATION: 640 Massachusetts Ave NW PHONE: (202) 687.8700 VISIT THE: Website
  • Public Representation, Institute for

    The Institute for Public Representation (IPR) is a public interest law firm and clinical education program founded by the Law Center in 1971. Attorneys at the institute act as counsel for groups and individuals who are unable to obtain effective legal representation on matters that have a significant impact on issues of broad public importance. The institute works in the areas of First Amendment and media law, environmental law, civil rights and general public interest matters.

    Location: Law Center Phone: (202) 662.9000 Visit the: Website
  • Public Speaking Program

    The Public Speaking program in the Department of Performing Arts is designed to introduce principles of communication and the classical roots from which they were derived. Students prepare and present speeches in both formal platform settings and informal group discussions in class. While attention is given to extemporaneous delivery, the emphasis of the coursework is on behind-the-scenes preparation, including organizing ideas, structuring messages and adapting messages for specific audiences. Students who experience anxiety in public speaking situations are particularly encouraged to take a class in this program.

    Location: Davis Performing Arts Center, 108 Phone: (202) 687.3838 Visit the: Website

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