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  • National BioMedical Research Foundation

    The National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF) is a non-profit, tax-exempt institution chartered in 1960 in the State of New York in the public interest and dedicated to carrying out scientific research in advanced fields, including the application of computers and modern electronic technology to medical research. The foundation is affiliated with Georgetown University Medical Center. A major project of NBRF is the Protein Information Resource (PIR), a national resource supported in part by the National Library of Medicine. The PIR includes sequence databases and software for protein identification and retrieval of associated information.

    Location: Building D Phone: (202) 687.2121 Visit the: Website
  • National Capital Language Resource Center

    The National Capital Language Resource Center is a joint project of Georgetown University, The George Washington University and the Center for Applied Linguistics. The center is located in Washington, D.C., and is one of 15 nonprofit Language Resource Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

    Location: 2011 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 200 Phone: (202) 973.1086 Visit the: Website Meet: Staff
  • Nephrology and Hypertension

    The Division of Nephrology and Hypertension at Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) conducts a Renal Disease and Hypertension Research Clinic. Clinical research is also conducted at the National Institutes of Health-funded General Clinical Research Center at GUMC and in the division’s Hemodialysis Units.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Neural Injury and Recovery, Center for

    The Center for Neural Injury and Recovery (CNIR) at Georgetown promotes research in areas related to central nervous system injury and recovery, neural degeneration and nervous system plasticity. The CNIR has a focus on the pathobiology and treatment of neural trauma, stroke and Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Neurology, Department of

    The Department of Neurology is dedicated to three major goals: neurological education of students, residents and physicians; advancement of scientific knowledge via research that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders and delivery of leading-edge neurological care.

    Location: Building D Phone: (202) 444.8525 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Neuroscience, Department of

    Scientists in the Department of Neuroscience participate in a wide array of research activities with a focus on understanding both the normal and injured nervous system. The theme of neuroplasticity characterizes much of the research in the department. The department studies neuroplasticity during normal development and in the adult in response to activity (e.g., learning) or drugs. Research is also focused on studying the plasticity that ensues after traumatic (such as spinal cord injury) or ischemic damage to the nervous system and over the course of developmental or neurodegenerative diseases (such as Specific Language Impairment, autism, or Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases).

    Location: New Research Building, EP-04 Phone: (202) 687.2870 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Neuroscience, Interdisciplinary Program in

    The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience is to train doctoral students for independent research and teaching in the field. It is the goal of the program to ensure that candidates for the Ph.D. degree obtain a background covering cellular, molecular and systems approaches to neuroscience, as well as receive training that brings them to the forefront of research in their particular area of interest. The program requires courses in neuroscience, along with advanced electives, laboratory rotations and original independent dissertation research.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building, NE303 Phone: (202) 687.3690 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Center for

    The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) is home to the scholarship of teaching and learning at Georgetown. Staff members, in addition to faculty and graduate student affiliates, are engaged in advanced research on teaching practices, assessment techniques, instructional design, student learning and technologies to enhance the latest educational environments. Whether it's rethinking course design, assessing curriculum, or creating a dynamic digital archive, CNDLS works to align teaching practices with student learning.

    Location: 3520 Prospect St. NW #314 Phone: (202) 687.0625 Visit the: Website
  • Nurse Anesthesia Program

    The Nurse Anesthesia Program is a rigorous 27-month, full-time program that leads to a master’s degree. The program offers the student the opportunity to study the didactic portion of the program in the first 12 months with clinical focus and full immersion to the nurse anesthetist role in the second year. During the second year of the program, clinical placements are designated by the faculty at clinical sites throughout the greater Washington metropolitan area.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall Phone: (202) 687.3118 Visit the: Website
  • Nurse Educator Program

    The program prepares nurse leaders who develop educational programs, teach, and assume a variety of roles in higher education, vocational education, staff development, patient education, and educational research and policy. Grounded in theoretical perspectives of nursing and education, graduates are prepared for advanced roles related to nursing education, educational research, and educational policy and decision-making. This specialty addresses the goal of improving nursing and health care through the professional development of educators at all levels, while incorporating the role of research into the development of excellence in nursing education.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 101 Phone: (202) 687.3118 Visit the: Website
  • Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program

    The program prepares students to become agents of change at the forefront of women’s health care. Graduates of the program have completed coursework that allows them to be dually certified as Nurse-Midwives and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners. Graduates of the NM/WHNP program have the flexibility to pursue career paths at birthing centers, women’s health clinics, private practices, and other clinical settings.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall Phone: (202) 687.3118 Visit the: Website
  • Nursing & Health Studies, School of

    The School of Nursing & Health Studies' mission is “to improve the health and well-being of all people.” Part of the Georgetown University Medical Center, NHS is a leader in health care education and research. Its academic departments include Health Systems Administration, Human Science, International Health and Nursing.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 101 Phone: (202) 687.3118 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Nursing, Department of

    The nursing program at Georgetown—founded in 1903—currently offers
    through the Department of Nursing a traditional four-year bachelor’s
    degree, a nationally ranked master’s program that includes several
    graduate specialty areas, and a doctor of nursing practice program.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 101 Phone: (202) 687.3118 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty

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