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Departments, Centers, Programs and Institutes I

  • Imaging Science and Information Systems Center

    The Imaging Science and Information Systems Center is a medical research and development organization at the Medical Center that specializes in information and imaging technology for personal health care, public health care and national biosecurity. The ISIS center is home to 85 faculty and staff members whose activities can be grouped into four broad areas: global biosurveillance, medical informatics, imaging science and medical robotics. This research team manages more than 50 projects funded by various government agencies and commercial partners.

    Location: 2115 Wisconsin Avenue NW,Suite 603 Phone: (202) 687.5990 Visit the: Website
  • Infectious Diseases, Division of

    The Division of Infectious Diseases sponsors a two-year fellowship program for physicians-in-training who wish to specialize in infectious diseases. Renowned division faculty and staff actively participate in the education of house staff at Georgetown University Hospital and students at School of Medicine. Fellows rotate on the in-patient consultation and out-patient clinical services, acquiring comprehensive education and training in the field of infectious diseases.

    Location: Pasquerilla Healthcare Center, 5th floor Phone: (202) 444.0086 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Information Assurance, Georgetown Institute for

    The Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance is an interdisciplinary institute that aims to provide leading-edge research and education in information assurance and related disciplines, including information security, privacy, intellectual property protection, information warfare, computer crime and forensics, fraud prevention and detection and perception management. The institute seeks to advance the practice of information assurance and to offer beneficial approaches to policy, social, ethical, legal and technology issues.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 323 Phone: (202) 687.2004 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff Browse: Courses
  • Intercultural Education and Development, Center for

    The Intercultural Education and Development Center designs and implements executive education and technical training programs for people and organizations from around the world.The center's goal is to empower individuals to promote greater mutual understanding, strengthen democratic value, and support sustainable development.

    Location: Harris Building, 302 Phone: (202) 687.1400 Visit the: Website
  • Interdisiplinary Studies Program

    Interwoven throughout Georgetown's department-based curriculum are interdisciplinary programs that take advantage of the breadth and depth of intellectual resources at Georgetown. These popular programs are based on themes that cross departmental boundaries and reflect the emergence of significant new perspectives on human knowledge. Georgetown College offers students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies by designing individual majors or selecting majors in existing interdisciplinary programs.

    Location: White-Gravenor, 303 Phone: (202) 687.4043 Visit the: Website
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program

    The Internal Medicine Residency Program offers the opportunity for superb training in one of the finest medical centers in the country. Georgetown offers a variety of clinical venues, exposure to top-notch clinicians, educators and researchers, and residency training and education to prepare students for medicine in the 21st century. The program highlights the most recognized teaching hospital in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, a total of $125 Million in research funding and the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, as designated by the National Cancer Insitute.

    Location: Medical and Dental Building Phone: (202) 444.2937 Visit the: Website
  • International and Regional Studies, Center for

    The Center for International and Regional Studies, established in 2005 at the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, is a premier research institute devoted to the academic study of regional and international issues.

    Location: Doha, Qatar Phone: +974.4457.8400 Visit the: Website Meet: Staff
  • International Business Diplomacy, Landegger Program in

    The Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy is an honors certificate program that offers students the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary course of study that complements their academic interests and degree. We deliver to a select number of honors students a rigorous academic program that emphasizes the role of business in the international arena. The program integrates coursework in business ethics and global business management. Classes combine an intensive case method approach to global corporate operations with an analysis of key economic and political issues in international trade, finance, and investment.

    Location: ICC, 516A Phone: (202) 687.5854 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff Browse: Courses
  • International Economics Program

    The International Economics Program is grounded in the belief that economic analysis is essential to the understanding of modern world affairs. With decreasing costs of transporting goods and information, market forces, which guide the international flow of goods, assets, people, technology and information, are becoming a dominant factor in the process of globalization as well as international conflicts.

    Location: ICC, 301 Phone: (202) 687.5696 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses
  • International Health, Department of

    The Department of International Health within the School of Nursing and Health Studies offers one of the few bachelor’s degree programs in this field in the United States. The major is unique in its opportunities for hands-on learning locally, nationally and abroad. The program focuses on public health and health systems management, and features an innovative international health practical experience abroad during the fall semester of senior year.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 230 Phone: (202) 687.5154 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff
  • International Migration, Institute for the Study of

    The Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), founded in 1998, is part of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and affiliated with the Law Center. ISIM focuses on all aspects of international migration, including the causes of and potential responses to population movements, immigration and refugee law and policy, comparative migration studies, the integration of immigrants into their host societies and the effects of international migration on social, economic, demographic, foreign policy and national security concerns.

    Location: Harris Building, Third Floor Phone: (202) 687.2258 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty and Staff
  • International Political Economy Program

    The International Political Economy Program within the School of Foreign Service investigates the rich intersection between economics and politics in the global environment. It typically goes beyond the constituent disciplines by combining traditional economic concerns about efficiency with traditional political concerns regarding distributional issues and legitimacy in market and non-market environments. The resulting combination of insights provides a means of better understanding complex interactions at the local, national and international levels.

    Location: ICC, 301 Phone: (202) 687.5696 Visit the: Website Browse: Courses
  • International Studies, Mortara Center for

    The Mortara Center for International Studies seeks to advance scholarship and inform policy by combining the expertise of scholars and the experience of international affairs practitioners to illuminate the fundamental forces – political, economic, cultural and ideological – that shape international relations. To realize this mission, the center organizes and co-sponsors lectures, seminars and conferences, and provides support for research and publications.

    Location: 3600 N Street, NW Phone: (202) 687.6514 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • International Women's Human Rights Clinic

    The International Women's Human Rights Clinic advances such rights globally through partnerships with local women’s rights NGOs and through research and scholarship. Many partners are African lawyers who have completed their graduate law degrees (LLMs) as part of Georgetown University’s Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Program.

    Location: Law Center Phone: (202) 662.9000 Visit the: Website Meet: Staff
  • Islamic Studies Program

    The Islamic Studies Ph.D. program at Georgetown combines all the disciplines that traditionally informed the study of Islam in the U.S. – philology, Biblical studies, history, religious studies and area studies. Moreover, the program complements the world-renowned strength of Georgetown faculty in modern Islamic studies by providing solid grounding in the study of Islam in the classical period.

    Location: Poulton Hall, Second Floor Phone: (202) 687. 5743 Visit the: Website
  • Italian, Department of

    The Department of Italian's integrative approach prepares students to learn the language and and understand the literary and cultural Italian tradition from past to present. From its Gateway course to Senior Seminar, department courses are designed to introduce students to Italian culture in all its manifestations, to develop critical and analytical skills through intellectual dialogue in small class settings, and to provide an integrated overseas study experience that will give students new perspectives on world issues.

    Location: ICC, 307 Phone: (202) 687.5681 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses

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