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  • Cancer Control Program

    The goal of the Cancer Control Program is to conduct research designed to better understand the determinants of cancer behaviors and outcomes and reduce the burden of cancer in individuals, populations and society. Program researchers conduct innovative behavioral, community and health services research. The nature of this research provides fertile ground for intra- and inter-programmatic collaboration. CC researchers collaborate with Lombardi scientists with complementary expertise such as epidemiologists, ethicists and policy experts.

    Location: Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Phone: (202) 444.4000 Visit the: Website
  • Cardiology, Division of

    The general responsibilities of the cardiology fellow in the Division of Cardiology are to evaluate and work up outpatients for procedures, assist on EP procedures, pacers, and implantable defibrillators. Daily arrhythmia rounds will be conducted where consults and intracardiac tracings will be discussed. Fellows will participate in ICD and pacer follow-up clinic.

    Location: Pasquerilla Health Center, 5th Floor Phone: (202) 444.5111 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Catholic Studies Program

    The goal of the Catholic Studies Program is to develop an intellectual and academic approach to Catholicism which does justice to its full human reality and integrity as a culture. This goal both explains the reason for having the program within a university that identifies itself as a whole as Catholic, and also dictates the interdisciplinary approach which the program takes.

    Location: ICC, 307 Phone: (202) 687.6045 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Chemistry, Department of

    The chemistry major in the Department of Chemistry is fully accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Students who have earned a B.S. degree in chemistry at Georgetown are well prepared for graduate study in chemistry or biochemistry at any U.S. university. With the inclusion of introductory biology, the curriculum provides an excellent background and all of the necessary prerequisites for medical school admissions.

    Location: Reiss Science Building, 606 Phone: (202) 687.6073 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Child and Human Development, Center of

    The mission of the Georgetown Center for Child and Human Development is to improve the quality of life for all children and youth, children with special needs, adults with developmental and other disabilities and their families. A division of the Department of Pediatrics, the center is founded on an interdisciplinary approach to service, training, research, community outreach, technical assistance and public policy.

    Location: Harris Building, Suite 3300 Phone: (202) 687.5000 Visit the: Website
  • Chinese Program

    The Chinese Program combines thorough training in spoken and written Chinese language with the development of critical approaches to a broad range of Chinese cultural phenomena. This includes classical and modern literature, visual arts, film, popular culture and underlying aspects of philosophical and social thought.

    Location: ICC, 306 Phone: (202) 687.5918 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Classics, Department of

    The Department of Classics offers courses in Latin and Greek at the beginning, intermediate and advanced undergraduate levels and includes courses designed for students who already have been working at an advanced level for several years. The department also offers courses in classical studies that explore ancient material and textual evidence through readings in English.

    Location: Healy Hall, 317 Phone: (202) 687.7624 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Clinical Bioethics, Center for

    The Center for Clinical Bioethics provides university-based ethics resources for individuals that shape and give health care. We are committed to the dynamic interplay between theory and practice, experience and reflection. The center is an integral part of the university, with faculty members holding appointments in clinical and academic departments of the university. The university offers the M.D./Ph.D. and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) programs in the Medical Center. The Ph.D. in bioethics is offered through the Department of Philosophy.

    Location: Building D, 238 Phone: (202) 687.1122 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Clinical Nurse Leader

    The program prepares students who have completed a bachelor's degree or higher in a field other than nursing for master's level entry into professional nursing practice. Students who successfully complete the program earn a master of science (MS) degree in nursing with a concentration as a clinical nurse leader (CNL). Georgetown’s CNL is a 24-month, six-semester (including two summer semesters), full-time program of study. The first five semesters take place on campus with a hybrid course delivery model. The final semester consists of a CNL role immersion practicum that may take place with clinical partners throughout the U.S.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall Phone: (202) 687.7258 Visit the: Website
  • Cognitive Science, Interdisciplinary Program in

    Georgetown's Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science offers a minor in cognitive science and courses open to all students. The faculty come from several departments on the Main Campus and at the Medical Center. The program has close ties with the interdisciplinary program in neuroscience, a university-wide Ph.D. program based at the Medical Center. Undergraduate students are encouraged to learn about faculty and graduate student research projects at Georgetown and to work as partners in that research.

    Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty
  • Communication, Culture and Technology Program

    The Communication, Culture & Technology Master of Arts Program explores how we use media and technology to communicate from social, economic, political and cultural perspectives. The graduate program is designed for people who want to combine their academic interests with studies of the history and future of technology. With this knowledge, students advance within their current careers, take their careers in a new direction or prepare for further study at the Ph.D. level.

    Location: Car Barn, 311 Phone: (202) 687.6618 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Comparative Literature Program

    The Comparative Literature Program promotes an investigation of the nature and role of literature by exploring its multifaceted output. It focuses on connections, exchanges, analogies and differences between works, authors, periods or genres, and engages literature in a dialogue with other disciplines such as history and politics, sociology, linguistics and translation studies through philosophy, visual arts, music and film studies.

    Location: ICC, 307 Phone: (202) 687.8943 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Comparative Medicine, Division of

    Georgetown’s Division of Comparative Medicine aims to develop and support animal-based research and resources to improve human health and animal welfare by providing information, service and facility support for the discovery, development and characterization of animal models of human biology and disease. The department also provides service and facility support for the user of animals in medical education and provides and supports special core research resources.

    Visit the: Website
  • Computer Science, Department of

    Georgetown's Department of Computer Science consists of 10 full-time faculty members working in the areas of algorithms, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, database systems, data mining, information assurance, information retrieval, machine learning and non-standard parallel computing. We are a small department, which provides students considerable opportunities for interaction with faculty, for independent study and for involvement in faculty research.

    Location: St. Mary's Hall, 301A Phone: (202) 687.5874 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Conflict Resolution, Master of Arts Program in

    The Georgetown Master of Arts Program in Conflict Resolution seeks to equip its graduates with the theoretical and practical tools necessary to better understand the nature of, and solutions to, many types and degrees of conflict.

    Location: 3240 Prospect Street, NW Phone: (202) 687.5874 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Contemporary Arab Studies, Center for

    The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) is part of Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, the oldest school of international affairs in the United States. The center has established itself as the most comprehensive university-based Arab studies program in the United States. It focuses on the contemporary Arab world, through teaching, scholarship, public events, research, publications and outreach to the community. Today CCAS is a premier source of information on issues concerning the Arab world both within the classroom and for the larger community.

    Location: ICC, 241 Phone: (202) 687.5793 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses
  • Continuing and Professional Education, Center for

    The Center for Continuing and Professional Education offers more than 25 professional certificate programs in diverse fields, including business management, finance and accounting, leadership coaching and development, marketing and communications and technology, among others.

    LOCATION: 640 Massachusetts Ave NW PHONE: (202) 687.8700 VISIT THE: Website
  • Continuing Studies, School of

    Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies offers graduate programs in professional and liberal studies, over 25 professional certificate programs, custom and corporate training and education, summer school and special programs as well as the university's only part-time bachelor's program. The school's innovative educational programming creates opportunities for students and professionals to connect with field and industry leaders through learning, research and service.

    LOCATION: 640 Massachusetts Ave NW PHONE: (202) 687.8700 VISIT THE: Website
  • Credit Research Center

    Over the past three decades the Credit Research Center has gained a national reputation for its work in evaluating public policy toward credit markets. Center staff have frequently testified before Congress and state legislatures regarding the impact of regulations, such as those pertaining to truth-in-lending disclosures, interest rate ceilings, equal credit opportunity regulations, debt collection practices, fair credit reporting procedures and personal bankruptcy. The center's academic affiliation and policy orientation brings sophisticated research expertise to bear on important regulatory issues.

    Location: 3240 Prospect Street, N.W., Suite 300 Phone: (202) 625.0103 Visit the: Website Meet: Staff
  • Cultural Competence, National Center for

    The mission of the National Center for Cultural Competence is to increase the capacity of health care and mental health care programs to design, implement and evaluate, both culturally and linguistically, competent service delivery systems that address growing diversity, persistent disparities. The center also promotes health and mental health equity.p>

    Location: Harris Building, Suite 3300 Phone: (202) 687.5387 Visit the: Website
  • Culture and Politics Program

    The Culture and Politics Program fosters an environment for critical inquiry, creative engagement and collaborative learning. All majors take the foundation course, Theorizing Culture and Politics, and then go on to choose their own five-course sequence around their individually chosen concentration, in addition to three courses each from the social sciences and the humanities. The high degree of flexibility afforded to students requires them to become independent agents of knowledge capable of designing their own program of studies according to their individual interests and talents.

    Location: ICC, 225 Phone: (202) 687.5913 Visit the: Website Meet: Faculty Browse: Courses

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